Saturday 6 April 2024

Family demands an apology from Jetstar over tarmac photo


A Jetstar passenger has called for an apology from the airline after being removed from a flight for using his phone on the tarmac. Jimmy Mitchell was boarding a Sydney (SYD/YSSY) to Brisbane (BNE/YBBN) flight with his wife Pauline and their two children when he took a family photo.

As they boarded the plane via the tarmac, Mitchell captured a photo of his family on the aircraft's stairs. Following this, he claims a Jetstar staff member yelled at him, calling him an idiot.

Shocked, Mitchell confronted the employee, questioning the insult. The staff member then told him phone use was prohibited on the tarmac, which Mitchell said he was unaware of.

He argued that his phone was in flight mode, questioning the issue. Mitchell acknowledged an announcement about the rule had been made, but he had noise-cancelling headphones on and missed it.
He questioned the lack of notifications at the gate and pondered the situation if he were deaf.

The argument escalated, and the female employee barred him from the flight, leading to a wait at the gate before he was allowed back on to join his family.

Mitchell, a travel vlogger, conceded he may have overreacted but criticised the employee's unprofessional behavior, stating that a fight or flight response was triggered when insulted in front of his family. He suggested a more constructive approach could have been taken.

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