Thursday 22 February 2018

A few more from Melbourne

As mentioned in the past our office in Melbourne is right on the flight path and when they are using runway 34 for arrivals they come in low and slow over our office.
The motel I stay at also has views of aircraft arriving in Melbourne as it too is not from our office.
Below are some photos from the office yesterday, a few from the motel room last night, back to the office this morning and a couple from the airport before heading home.

SRI LANKAN A330-243 4R-ALB (CN 0306)

AIR CHINA A330-343  B-5978 (CN 1673)

SINGAPORE A350-941 9V-SME (CN 041)

QATAR A380-861 A7-APE (CN 181)

SINGAPORE B777-312 9V-SWD (CN 34569)

QANTAS A380-841 VH-OQG (CN 047)

ROYAL BRUNEI B787-8 V8-DLB (CN 34786)

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VXU (CN 33761)

XIAMEN AIR B787-8 B-2763 (CN 41543)

UNITED B787-9 N27965 (CN 37815)

QANTAS A330-202 VH-EBR (CN 1251)

CHINA EASTERN B777-39P B-7347 (CN 43278)

UNITED B787-9 N27965 (CN 37815)

CHINA EASTERN B777-39P B-2022 (CN 43274)

CHINA EASTERN B777-39P B-7347 (CN 43278)

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EUB (CN 213)

CATHAY A350-941 B-LRN (CN 85)

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Plane crashes into shopping centre - Melbourne..1 year ago today

It was 12 months ago today when a light plane carrying 4 American golfers and a pilot crashed into a shopping centre near Essendon airport. Workers at the centre will gather today to pay tribute to five men killed in the crash. It was and still is Victoria's worst air disaster in 30 years.
Below is a copy of the story I posted last February.

A light plane carrying five people has crashed into the DFO Shopping Centre near Essendon Airport killing all five people on board.
A long plume of black smoke is billowing out of the crash scene. Eight fire crews are responding, according to a Metropolitan Fire Brigade spokesman.
The plane, a Beechcraft B200 Super King Air VH-ZCR (CN BB-1544) was chartered for King Island and was being operated by Corporate and Leisure Travel, who had hired it from MyJet in Bendigo.
Minister for Police Lisa Neville said debris from the crash was also covering the freeway.
"It appears that a light plane which was a charter flight has impacted the DFO out at Essendon Fields. There is also debris that has been left on the Freeway. It is too early yet to know whether there have been any injuries or fatalities."
Images on social media appear to show the plane hit the roof of the Essendon DFO shopping centre, which sits on the boundary of Essendon Airport.
Footage from the scene shows firefighters pouring water on a large hole in the centre's roof. Other parts of the roof appear to be on fire.
The plane crashed just before 9am, a police spokesman said. At this stage there was no information on injuries.

The Tullamarine Freeway is closed in both directions between English Street and Bell Street, and the Calder Freeway is closed in both directions between McNamara Avenue and Bell Street.
Ambulance Victoria confirmed the plane was not an air ambulance, as had earlier been reported on social media.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the immediate families and friends and everyone involved in this horrible accident. 
                                               GOD BLESS

Tuesday 20 February 2018

A few hours at Tullamarine

Having flown down to Melbourne this morning for the first time this year I had to come out to the airport for a look around after work. The biggest draw card today, apart from the A380's of course, was the Sri Lankan A330. I have never seen this airline before so I was looking forward to seeing it.

SINGAPORE B777-312 9V-SWU (CN 42235)

ETIHAD B787-9 A6-BLS (CN 39664)

LATAM B787-9 CC-BGE (CN 38478)



SRI LANKEN A330-243 4R-ALA (CN 0303)

SINGAPORE A350-941 9V-SML (CN 096)


QATAR A380-861 A7-APH (CN 197)


REX SAAB 340 VH-ZXF (CN 416)

ETIHAD B777-3FX A6-ETR (CN 41701)


EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EEX (CN 154)