Tuesday 7 November 2023

Window comes loose on Titan's Airbus A321

A Titan Airways Airbus A321departing from London Stansted (STN/EGSS) to Orlando (MCO/KMCO) with 21 crew on board, was climbing through 10,000 feet when the crew noticed excessive noise in the cabin. After a closer examination, they notified the pilots of the issue, and they stopped the climb at about FL150 and returned to Stansted for a safe landing.

The aircraft had just returned from a charter operation for the Government of the United Kingdom and had been repainted black for world charter ops with TCS operating Around The World by Private Jet.

The day before the flight the aircraft had been used for filming when external lights had been shone through the cabin windows to give the illusion of a sunrise. The lights were first shone on the right side of the aircraft for approximately five and a half hours, with the light focused on the cabin windows just aft of the overwing exits. The lights were then moved to the left side of the aircraft where they illuminated a similar area on the left side for approximately four hours. Photographs taken during filming showed six sets of flood lights on both sides of the aircraft.

The aircraft operator identified the flood lights as Maxibrute 12 rated at 14.000 watts.

It was discovered three cabin windows were missing or loose. There was also damage to the left-hand stabilizer, the aircraft sustained slight damage.

Aircraft Information:
Airline: Titan Airways
Code: ZT/AWC  
Aircraft: Airbus A321-253
Serial Number: 10238
Engines: 2 x CFMI LEAP-1A33
First Flew: 23/03/2021
Age 2.6 years

Titan Airways is a British charter airline founded in 1988 and based at London Stansted Airport. The carrier specialises in short-notice ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) and wet lease operations as well as ad-hoc passenger and cargo charter services to tour operators, corporations, governments and the sports and entertainment sectors.

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