Saturday 3 December 2022

Woman’s wild excuse for mid-air plane rampage

SOUTHWEST BOEING 737-8H4 N8532S (MSN 63576)

An unruly Southwest Airlines passenger who tried to open the aircraft’s door mid-flight, then bit another passenger, claimed "Jesus told her to do it", according to court documents.

Elom Agbegninou, 34, was on the Ohio-bound flight from Texas on last Saturday afternoon when she allegedly became frustrated that flight attendants prevented her from reaching the emergency exit, The New York Post reports.

When a fellow passenger intervened by tackling Agbegninou, she responded by biting the person on the thigh, refusing to let go until the victim forced their fingers into her jaw.

The woman then started whacking her head on the plane floor, claiming “Jesus told her to fly to Ohio and Jesus told her to open the door,” the documents released by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas on Monday show.

Other terrified passengers recounted the crazy confrontation.

“They were rushing to the back of the plane to help. I was thinking about the worst case, probably that plane will crash, but I know it’s a very low probability,” passenger Ding Yu told Fox News Digital about the fellow traveller intervening.

The wild disturbance ultimately forced the Southwest flight to make an emergency landing at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock around 330pm (local time) — turning a three-hour trip into a six-hour trek.

Once safely on the ground, Agbegninou was removed by officers while the bite victim was treated with antibiotics and hepatitis shots.

Yu captured a video of the drama, which shows Agbegninou still ranting while being led off the plane.

Speaking to authorities after the incident, Agbegninou reportedly said she left home early Saturday without informing her husband and was hoping to visit a family friend in Maryland.

She also claimed she “had not flown in a long time” and “became very anxious and normally would not have done those things.”

According to the criminal complaint, Agbegninou is expected to face charges of assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction and interference with flight crew members and attendants. 

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