Monday, 12 September 2022

Engine cowling falls from 747-400

An Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747-400F travelling from Liège Airport (LGG/EBLG) to Malta-Luqa Airport (MLA/LMML) lost an engine cowling, damaging a garage roof in Belgium last Thursday, the 8th of September. Couple Louis and Adela from Waremme, Belgium were left in utter shock as a part of the Boeing 747’s engine fell from the plane and partly destroyed their garage window before landing next to their driveway. Thankfully, nobody was left injured, but the couple has been left mentally disheveled after such an incident. The Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747-400F was flying to Malta-Luqa airport when, not long after takeoff, the plane shockingly lost the aft cowl of one of the engines. This caused the engine to fall off. Despite such shocking events taking place, the flight continued to Malta relatively safely as those onboard were not left at all injured.

Resident Louis has since shared his feelings about the incident and the damage that it has caused to his garage roof. “It sounded more intense than usual. I had the feeling that he was flying quite low, it was hard to believe.”

At first, he alongside other residents, believed that the loud noise was a thunderstorm and was left speechless when they discovered that it was the engine part of an aircraft. Due to the physical damage caused to their garage roof, emergency services were called. Firefighters closed off the area to ensure that everyone was protected.

Aircraft Information:
Airline: Magma Aviation, op Air Atlanta Icelandic
Code: CC/ABD
Aircraft: Boeing 747-412F
Registration: TF-AMC
Serial Number: 26563
Engines: 4 x PW4056
First Flew: 09/07/1994
Age: 28Yrs 2 Mts

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