Tuesday 25 January 2022

Delta passenger refuses to wear mask then exposes himself:

Delta passenger refused to wear mask, exposed himself then threw a can, all on 8-Hour Flight: 

A Delta Airlines passenger could spend years in prison after causing numerous disturbances on a recent flight from Ireland to the U.S. Shane McInerney, 29, was traveling from Dublin to New York City when he allegedly refused to comply with a mask mandate despite repeated insistence from the crew.

At one point, after complaining about the food served during the flight, McInerney got out of his seat and pulled down his pants, exposing his buttocks to other passengers and members of the flight crew, according to the airline, which reported on legal papers filed in New York. 
McInerney allegedly became belligerent when confronted by the pilot and threw a can that struck another passenger.

McInerney, from Galway, Ireland, continued his unruly behavior as the craft arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport. As the descent began, he stood in the aisle and refused to sit down. He was taken into police custody after the landing was completed.

For his antics on the flight, McInerney is now charged with interfering with a flight crew. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. He was released on bail after making an appearance in court last week.

On another Delta flight a few weeks ago, A woman on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta was taken into FBI custody after video showed her slapping and spitting on a passenger.

In a video you can clearly see a female passenger standing over an older man and began yelling at him to put his mask on. The woman, who was also not wearing a mask, was cursing at the man as a flight attendant approached and attempted to deescalate the situation.

"Tell him to mask up," the woman said as she pointed at the man.
In the video, the woman then smacked the passenger before the video showed her spitting in the man's face.

As the other flight attendants attempted to restrain the woman, she appeared to once again grab the man's face. The two passengers continued to argue and curse at each other before she was eventually restrained by two men.

At the end of the recording, a passenger said the woman "went crazy on the airplane, she punched this man in the face, spat on him, scratched him (and) poured hot water on my leg."

Delta employees and police were waiting at the gate when the plane landed at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Passengers told police the woman, Patricia Cornwall, caused a disturbance on the plane which resulted in injuries,

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