Tuesday 22 June 2021

Happy Birthday SkyTeam

On the 22nd June 2000, representatives of Delta Air Lines, Aeroméxico, Air France, and Korean Air held a meeting in New York to form a third airline Alliance. (SkyTeam was the last of the three major airline alliances to be formed, the first two being Star Alliance and Oneworld.) These became the four founding carriers of SkyTeam. Upon its formation, SkyTeam would offer its customers a total of 6,402 daily flights to 451 destinations in 98 countries.

CHINA SOUTHERN' S SKYTEAM  A330-323 B-5928 (CN 1430) 

In September 2000, the Alliance established a cargo Alliance, SkyTeam Cargo. The group's inaugural members were Aeromexpress, Air France Cargo, Delta Air Logistics and Korean Air Cargo. The following month, SkyTeam announced its intentions to incorporate CSA (Czech Airlines) as the 5th member early the following year. CSA Czech Airlines joined on the 25th of March 2001; Alitalia entered SkyTeam on the 27th of July the same year, with its membership scheduled to become effective 1st of November that year. On the 30th of September 2003, the Alliance received KLM's application for membership, following the airline's plans to create a leading airline group with Air France. In 2019 SkyTeam's annual passenger count was 630 million, making it the second largest of the three major alliances. Its centralised management team, SkyTeam Central, is based at the World Trade Centre Schiphol Airport on the grounds of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands.

Skyteam Logo 001.svg

In 2004, the Alliance had its biggest expansion when Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines and KLM simultaneously joined as full members. In 2010, along with the joining or upgrading status of four airlines, followed by the announcements of Aerolíneas Argentina's, China Airlines, and Garuda Indonesia to become full members, the Alliance celebrated its 10th anniversary with the introduction of a new special livery. The livery consisted of an all-metallic silver fuselage and a dark blue empennage with SkyTeam's logo on it. The Alliance emblem is painted on both sides of the fuselage. The SkyTeam livery is currently worn by 52 aircraft worldwide. In January 2011, SkyTeam incorporated both Saudi Arabian Airlines and Middle East Airlines during 2012; these events effectively took place in May and June 2012, respectively, whereas Aerolíneas Argentina's and Xiamen Airlines memberships were activated in August and November the same year, respectively. Garuda Indonesia entered the Alliance in March 2014.

CHINA EASTERN'S SKYTEAM A330-243 B-5908 (CN 1372)   

Before the Corona Virus hit SkyTeam flew to 1,150 destinations in more than 175 countries and operated more than 14,500 daily flights moving 630 million passengers. The alliance and its members have 750 lounges worldwide.
As of January 2020, SkyTeam consists of 19 carriers from five continents and operates with the slogan "Caring more about you"

KOREAN AIR'S SKYTEAM B777-3B5 HL-7783 (CN 37644)   

Member Airlines

Full members and their member affiliates

Member airlineJoinedMember affiliates
Russia Aeroflot14 April 2006 N/A
Argentina Aerolíneas Argentinas29 August 2012N/A
Mexico Aeroméxico22 June 2000N/A
Spain Air Europa4 September 2007 N/A
France Air France22 June 2000N/A
Italy Alitalia13 January 2009Italy Alitalia CityLiner
Taiwan China Airlines28 September 2011 N/A
China China Eastern Airlines21 June 2011China Shanghai Airlines 
Czech Republic Czech Airlines25 March 2001N/A
United States Delta Air Lines22 June 2000N/A
Indonesia Garuda Indonesia5 March 2014N/A
Kenya Kenya Airways4 September 2007 N/A
Netherlands KLM13 September 2004N/A
South Korea Korean Air22 June 2000South Korea Jin Air
Lebanon Middle East Airlines28 June 2012N/A
Saudi Arabia Saudia29 May 2012N/A
Romania TAROM25 June 2010 N/A
Vietnam Vietnam Airlines10 June 2010N/A
China XiamenAir21 November 2012 N/A 
Continental and COPA joined SkyTeam in 2004 and left in 2009
China Southern joined SkyTeam in November 2007 and left in December 2018

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