Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Helicopter crashes in NZ - Two people killed, three seriously injured

Two people have died in a helicopter crash at a river mouth north of Kaikōura. Three other occupants - believed to include children - survived the impact. The helicopter experienced an apparent loss of yaw control and impacted on a beach near the mouth of the Kekerengu River at Kekerengu in Kaikōura District, Canterbury. The helicopter sustained substantial damage. They were dragged free from the wreckage by locals who had watched in horror as the helicopter spiralled downwards and went to help, some with tractors. The three survivors were seriously injured and have been flown to hospital. "Further details regarding the deceased and injured, including ages and genders, will not be released until all necessary family notifications have been carried out," police said in a statement. The crash took place at the Kekerengu river mouth at Clarence, a small town 30km north of Kaikōura, at 12.42pm local time.

The Civil Aviation Authority is investigating. Kaikoura i-SITE Visitor Information Centre manager Fiona Farquhar told the Herald the helicopter was not from any of their local operators. Kekerengu resident Ian Mehrtens thought the chopper was landing, until it started spinning around and around. The chopper crashed on to the beach and he headed to the scene and helped remove people from the wreckage. "I didn't really count [how many] because it was just the stress of the moment to get people out," he told Newstalk ZB. He stayed at the scene until emergency services arrived.
Around six or seven police cars arrived from all directions before five or six fire support crew and doctors arrived too. "Everyone is there now. I couldn't do any more so I just came home," Ian Mehrtens said. Coastal Lodge owner Lyn Mehrtens watched as the chopper plunged to the ground, spinning in circles as it descended. "We just watched it go round and round and round," said Mehrtens. "It's scary. You're just so helpless. You can't do anything." Mehrtens said her husband raced over to the crash site, and others in the community were on tractors doing what they could to help those inside the wreckage. Everyone who could was helping until emergency crews arrived.

The chopper appeared to have crashed near the front of The Store, which was a popular spot for heli-tourists to visit. A spokeswoman for Kaikoura Helicopters Ltd said it was not one of their machines.
St John has sent three helicopters to the scene - one from Wellington, Nelson, and Christchurch. A spokesman says an ambulance was on the way from Kaikōura, as well as an intensive care paramedic and a manager from Blenheim. He says the crews are still making their way to the scene after they were called at 12.42pm. The 60km journey from Kaikoura to Clarence, which is located at the mouth of the Kekerengu River, will take 48-minutes to drive along State Highway 1, according to
Google Maps. The drive from Blenheim, meanwhile, will take 52-minutes to drive just shy of 68km.

Aircraft Information
Owner: Helicopter Corporation Ltd.
Aircraft: Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri
Registration: ZK-HEP
Serial Number: 1023
Engine: Turboméca Arrius 2F


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