Monday 30 November 2020

Man Grills Steak In Lavatory On Delta Air Lines Flight

It looks like someone is about to be banned from Delta for something other than mask compliance. 

         DELTA CONNECT BOMBARDIER CRJ-700 N603SK (CN 10248)       
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A TikTok user posted a video that he ended up deleting, which shows him allegedly grilling a steak in an airplane lavatory. The video seems to be filmed in the lavatory of a Delta Connection regional jet.
The video depicts the man placing a heater in the toilet bowl, then starting a fire with a lighter, and then placing an aluminum grilling sheet across the toilet seat. At that point he places the steak on the sheet, pours some white wine on it, and eventually the steak is cooked. Afterwards he plates the steak and returns to his seat with it. At least that’s how it’s presented.

Why is he doing any of this? Obviously to get attention. But the premise of the video is that he’s doing this because “they don’t have hot meals on airplanes anymore.” I’m not sure when in his lifetime they served hot meals in economy on a short haul domestic US flight, but the irony is that the CRJ doesn’t have ovens, so even in first class there haven’t ever been hot meals on the plane.

Real or not, it goes without saying that something like this shouldn’t even be shown jokingly, because of the ideas it gives people. Having an open fire on a plane is ridiculously dangerous, and you shouldn’t be putting other peoples’ lives at risk. Not only that, but you could eventually be looking at jail time for something like this. Anyway, for whatever reason, Southwest Airlines retweeted the video, and wrote the following:
“We have no words. Other than please don’t even think about cooking a steak on one of our flights.”
Southwest ended up deleting that tweet, and then later posted to say that the video’s creator suggested that the video was “fake.” I’m not sure what exactly that means, though. That has me wondering whether the video is actually fake, or if the person behind the prank realizes the trouble he’s potentially in, as consequences could go beyond being banned from Delta.

As an avgeek, a lot of this does check out:
The cabin looks to me like a CRJ-900, and the lavatory shown is also what you’d find on a CRJ-900, so there’s at least continuity between the lavatory and the cabin (sometimes airplane prank videos are clearly filmed across multiple flights, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here)
The video seems to be filmed pretty recently, since passengers are wearing masks. You do hear the engines going in the background, so it does sound to me like this was filmed while flying (though of course you also add those noises to the video, if you wanted to)

To me the setup for this looks “real,” at least. What I’m not sure about is whether the flame used was actually real: It’s possible that some sort of a “fake” candle was being used instead to create the illusion of a fire He could have brought one raw steak and one cooked steak into the lavatory, with one being placed on the “grill,” and the other being placed on the plate
Then again, at a minimum he did have a lighter, and he did place it in the toilet for some amount of time
I would imagine using a flame for an extended period of time in a lavatory would set off a smoke alarm. How did he walk into the lavatory with all of this stuff, since the galley is right up there, and the CRJ lavatories are also tiny?

Best I can tell, the video is “real” in the sense that this did in fact happen on a Delta Connection flight. What I’m not sure of is whether there was actually a fire going. As far as I’m concerned it shouldn’t matter, though. Even doing this as a prank is completely unacceptable, because this has the potential to be dangerous. We know he at least put a lighter into the toilet seat for a moment. And unfortunately this will surely cause someone else to try to “top” his prank.

This wasn’t the guy’s first attempt at an airplane prank. He previously filmed a video where he gave the woman seated in front of him a “haircut,” because her hair was blocking his personal television. However, that turned out to be a setup, and the woman was wearing a wig.

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