Thursday, 13 February 2020

Plane Spotting at Seattle Tecoma SEATAC

While my wife and eldest daughter went shopping in the city my Co-Pilot and I went plane spotting at Seattle's Tecoma airport. Not knowing the area or where to go I drove around until I found somewhere descent.

DELTA B737-932 N840DN (CN 31951

DELTA AIRBUS BD500 N125DU (CN 50044)

SOUTHWEST B737-79P N7855A (CN 29357)

DELTA ERJ 170-200 N301SY (CN 17000838)

ALASKA ERJ 170-200 N643QX (CN 17000763)

DELTA B737-832 N389DA (CN 30376)

ALASKA B737-900 N287AK (CN 36359)

ALASKA DASH 8 Q402 N403QX (CN 4037)

ALASKA B737-900 N215AK (CN 36347)

ALASKA B737-900 N265AK (CN 626682)

As the clouds rolled in and the freezing wind got up we noticed departing aircraft were disappearing very quickly in the low cloud, so we moved on to another area.

DELTA ERJ 170-200 N612CZ (CN 17000201)

DELTA B737-932 N864DN (CN 31974)

ALASKA A320-214 N846VA (CN 4894)

ALASKA B737-890 N548AS (CN 30020)

ALASKA DASH 8 Q402 N427QX (CN 4156)

SOUTHWEST B737-800 N8532S (CN 63576)

DELTA AIRBUS BD 500 1A10 N102DU (CN 50039)

UNITED B737-924 N66837 (CN 60122)

PRIME AIR B767-319 N347AZ (CN 26264)

ANTONOV AN 124 -100 RA82079 (CN 9773052062157)

SOUTHWEST B737-7H4 N486WN (CN 33852)

AMERICAN B737-823 N831NN (CN 33211)

ALASKA B737-990 N419AS (CN 41734)

ALASKA ERJ 170-200 N645QX (CN 17000768)

ALASKA A321-253 N925VA (CN 7999)

AMERICAN B737-823 N947AN (CN 29536)

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