Tuesday 27 August 2019

Fire destroys aircraft while parked at terminal


AIR CHINA A330-343 B-5977 (CN 1658)                File Photo

An Air China Airbus A330 that had just operated a flight between Singapore (SIN) and Beijing (PEK) has been destroyed by fire while sitting at the terminal in Beijing. Emergency services rushed to the aircraft immediately after what was thought to be a fire in the cargo hold. The aircraft arrived as flight CA976 from Singapore at 3pm local time (07:00 GMT). At 4pm (08:00 GMT) smoke emerged from the cargo compartment of a plane waiting for departure. The staff working on the scene confirmed that there was a lot of smoke but no visible fire on the plane, the statement said. Reports and video's show smoke and fire coming up through the roof of the aircraft. The airport added that there were no passengers inside the plane when the fire broke out and that it initiated emergency response procedures to deal with the fire.
The aircraft was being prepared for a flight to Tokyo (CA183).

Aircraft Information
Airline: Air China
Code: CA/CCA
Aircraft: A330-343
Registration: B-5958
Serial Number: 1587
First Flew: 21/11/2014
Age: 4 Yrs 8 Mts
Test Registration: F-WWCE

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