Sunday 16 June 2024

Paralysed Singapore Airlines passenger slams compensation offer

The spouse of a paralyzed Singapore Airlines passenger has criticized the airline's compensation proposal, stating that he discovered it through social media. Singapore Airlines has proposed a compensation of $US10,000 ($15,150) for passengers with minor injuries and $US25,000 ($37,800) for those with serious injuries from a flight last month that experienced severe turbulence.

The airline reported that it issued the compensation offer on the 10th of June following the incident, during which one individual died and several were injured as the aircraft abruptly dropped nearly 2000 meters in a matter of minutes.

Kerry Jordan, an Adelaide resident, suffered a spinal injury when she was thrown about the cabin, resulting in a loss of sensation from the waist down and potentially permanent paralysis. Her partner, Keith Davis, described the airline's compensation offer as "extremely insulting" and exacerbating their distress.

He mentioned that he learned of the compensation offer through friends. Davis expects the airline to provide sufficient compensation for Kerry's lifelong care.

"She is facing a completely life-altering condition. We are holding out hope for minor improvements; her mobility is now limited to her arms, neck, and shoulders," Davis explained.

Singapore Airlines has extended an invitation to passengers with serious injuries to negotiate a compensation package tailored to their individual circumstances.

On the 21st of May one passenger died of a suspected heart attack and thirty were injured after a Singapore Airlines flight hit severe turbulence, flinging passengers and crew around the cabin and forcing the plane to land in Bangkok.

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