Thursday 22 February 2024

Parts of wing fall of plane at 31,000 feet

UNITED BOEING 787-10 N12010 (MSN 40926)

United Airlines flight 354 from San Francisco (SFO/KSFO) to Boston (BOS/KBOS) was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Denver (DEN/KDEN) on Monday due to damage observed on the aircraft’s wing.

While the aircraft was cruising at 31,000 feet, passengers reported seeing damage after pieces from the inner leading-edge slat of the right-hand wing had broken off. (Slats are adjustable panels situated on the wing’s leading edge, crucial for controlling the aircraft’s lift during takeoff and landing phases.)
It’s not clear what caused parts of the slat to be torn away.

Crew reported a potential flap issue and landed safely on runway 16R in Denver. A replacement Boeing 757-200 was used to complete the journey to Boston, where passengers arrived about three and a half hours later than scheduled.

According to passengers on board, there was a violent vibration, then a pilot came out to inspect the cabin. After he returned to the cockpit an announcement was made of minor damage to the aircraft’s right wing, necessitating the diversion.

Adding to the aircraft’s troubled week, it had just diverted four days prior. On the 15th of February while operating as flight UA 1413 from Boston to San Francisco, the aircraft landed in Boise where it was grounded for two days before being ferried back to San Francisco on Saturday.

Aircraft Information:
Airline: United Airlines
Code: UA/UAL
Aircraft: Boeing 757-224
Registration: N57111
Serial Number: 27301
Engine: 2 x RR RB211-535E4B
First Flew: 5th December 1994
Age: 29.2 Years. 

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