Tuesday 21 November 2023

More on the Midair collision in Melbourne

A cameraman who worked on Channel 10's Master Chef was one of two people on board a plane that crashed into the water near Melbourne on Sunday.

James Rose, 30, was filming footage for a new TV show in one of two Viper S-211 Marchetti fighter Jets flying in tandem on Sunday, when the two aircraft collided about 1.40pm. One of the jets plunged into Port Phillip Bay off the Mornington Peninsula while the other miraculously made it back to Essendon airport.

A massive search operation has uncovered wreckage from the plane but so far found there is no sign of Mr. Rose or the pilot. The search is set to continue throughout the night.

The harrowing mayday call by the surviving pilot reveals what happened in the aftermath of the collision.

'Viper 1 … mayday, mayday, mayday,' the surviving pilot said.

An air traffic control operator then replies: 'Viper 1, roger your mayday. You anticipate Viper 1 in the water?'

'I am anticipating Viper 2 in the water… we can see a splash mark,' the pilot responded.

The family of Mr. Rose now have an anxious evening ahead as they hold out hope he and the pilot may still be alive.

'I don't know if I'll be able to cope with staying all night. It's all so surreal,' His father David Rose said. Members of their family have gathered at the Mount Martha Life Saving Club, where the search and rescue mission is being directed from.

'We're so proud of him,' his father added. 'He is recognised as one of the best drone operators in Australia and worked on all the big-name TV shows.

'That's why he was up there, in the plane today.'

Aircraft Information: No 1
Owner/ Operator: Jetworks Aviation
Aircraft: SIAI Marchetti S211
Registration: VH-DZJ
Serial Number: 005/02/002

Aircraft Information: No 2
Owner/ Operator: Jetworks Aviation
Aircraft: SIAI Marchetti S211
Registration: VH-DQJ
Serial Number: 025/02/015

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