Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Midair collision in Southeast Queensland

          BREAKING NEWS 

There are grave fears for the safety of the occupants of two light aircraft which collided mid-air in Queensland.

The crash is believed to have occurred at Kybong, south of Gympie, 153 Km north of Brisbane this afternoon.

It is understood both aircraft collided and plummeted to the ground at a property. It is believed at least two people are involved in the crash. Authorities have not confirmed any deaths just yet.

Police, paramedics and firefighters have attended the scene. 
Police will hold a press conference at 5pm AEST.

A man who lives on a neighbouring property witnessed the incident.

“We were sitting on the verandah having a cuppa, and we heard a big bang,”.

“We thought that didn’t sound like a gunshot, and we looked up and saw white bits of plane falling out of the sky.

 It appears a light plane was towing a glider.

This story is still very new so more details will follow.

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