Saturday 19 March 2022

Passengers sing Baby Shark to comfort upset boy on six-hour flight

Doo-doo-doo-doo-don't cry! Heartwarming moment plane passengers sing Baby Shark to comfort upset boy on six-hour flight from Dubai

The young child had become very upset on a flight from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, to the Albanian city of Tirana last week.

Rather than simply sitting in silence for the six-hour flight, other people on the plane decided to try their best to cheer him up, breaking into a rendition of the famous children's song.

A video of the sight, taken by Dubai-based radio host Parikshit Balochi and posted on his TikTok on Thursday, March 10, has now been viewed more than 7 million times.

In the footage passengers on the FlyDubai flight can be seen smiling as they clap and sing the song.

The camera pans to the upset boy, who is being held in the arms of a man, and seems to be calmed slightly by the tune as he watches them sing.

Mr Balochi said that the child was sitting next to him and had been 'crying nonstop'.

'First individually people sitting around him tried distracting him, but when nothing worked out a group of guys, including me, started singing Baby Shark and more people joined in,' he said.

The video has warmed hearts across the world, with people on TikTok praising the passengers for their actions.

@missylight205 said: 'It literally costs nothing to be a decent person. We need more of this.'

@itsmillennialsarah said: 'See what can happen when we all work together instead of against each other?'

@aishasree added: 'Do we still have this kind of people? I love their kindness and vibe.'

@hkrai.x said: 'How was there so many kind humans on the plane all at once! I love this'

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Plane passengers sing Baby Shark to comfort crying boy on six-hour flight from Dubai [VIDEO] | Daily Mail Online

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