Monday 22 February 2021

Another engine failure - this time on a 747

It was only yesterday I posted a story about a United 777 that declared a mayday after an engine exploded and caught fire on take off, well now I found another story of an other engine failure. A Longtail Aviation flight from Maastricht/Aachen Airport (MST/EHBK) to New York-John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY (JFK/KJFK suffered an uncontained engine failure of the no.1 engine. Blade fragments were ejected from the engine, coming down in the village of Meerssen, 2 km past the end of the runway. At that point the aircraft was climbing through 1,400 feet. Like the United 777 pilots, the flight crew also declared a Mayday and subsequently requested vectors for a holding pattern at FL100 to dump fuel. The flight then diverted to Liège Airport, Belgium, LGG/EBLG) as this airport had a longer runway. A safe landing was made at 17:10 local time, one hour after takeoff from Maastricht Airport. A fire department spokesman said a piece of debris fell on an elderly woman, who suffered minor injuries as a result. "A lot of people are shocked in Meerssen because they saw the plane flying over with a burning engine," the fire department spokesman said. Longtail Aviation is sending a replacement aircraft engine to Liège to replace the broken engine. Once the plane is released by Dutch authorities, the cargo plane will be allowed to resume travel to New York as soon as possible, according to the airline's spokesman. The engine blades may have sucked in something during take-off, the spokesman said. "What caused it is now speculating. It can also have another cause such as a collision with a bird. It's up to the authorities to investigate. We fully cooperate with this." The spokesman says that the four-engine aircraft with the three remaining engines landed in Liège in a normal way and that the crew is doing well. "They have done exactly what the safety regulations require and followed the correct procedures." Regarding the damage in Meerssen, a Longtail aviation spokesman says they have seen images of metal parts that ended up on the street there. The airline is in close contact with its insurer about this. He stresses that both the aircraft and the engines are well maintained.


Aircraft Information:
Airline: Longtail Aviation
Code: LGT
Aircraft: B747-412 BCF
Registration: VQ-BWT
Serial Number: 24975
Engines: 4 x PW PW4056
First Flew: 05/02/1991
Age: 30 Yrs

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