Friday 18 September 2020

QANTAS offers 7 hour flight to no where

QANTAS B787-9 VH-ZNJ (CN 66074)  

If you are like me and are missing the excitement of travel or are keen to wave to friends and family interstate, QANTAS are offering a 'Great Southern Land' scenic flight using one of their state-of-the-art B787 Dreamliner aircraft usually reserved for long haul international flights, with the biggest windows on any passenger aircraft. Your seven-hour scenic flight will include low level flybys of unique Australian destinations across Queensland, the Northern Territory and New South Wales including the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Byron Bay and iconic Sydney Harbour.

Relax in the sky in Qantas pyjamas as your flight makes its way around the country with a few surprises along the way.  Flight QF787 will depart Sydney's Domestic Airport (T3) on Saturday the 10th October 2020. After heading up the New South Wales coast and crossing the Queensland border it will fly over the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, the Dreamliner will continue north to fly over the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef. It will then track across the country to Uluru and Kata Tjuta to showcase the iconic red centre. The day will finish with a low-level circuit of Sydney Harbour before landing back at Sydney. During the seven-hour journey passengers will tuck into a Neil Perry menu, and before the flight there'll be an auction of memorabilia from Qantas’ recently retired fleet of 747s.


  • Qantas recommends that you select your seat when making your booking so you can choose the seat that suits you. 
  • Seat swapping is not permitted during flight, and window seats are expected to sell quickly.
  • Classic Upgrade Rewards aren't available.
  • You may wish to download a movie pre-flight or bring that book you've been wanting to read for when you're not enjoying the aerial views, as inflight entertainment won't be available on this flight.

While there won't be social distancing per se, middle seats are being blocked so that more passengers get a chance to take in the view from the Dreamliner's over-sized windows.

Prices are below

104 economy seats will be sold at $787 (earning 2,400 Qantas Points and 40 Status Credits)

24 premium economy seats will be sold at $1,787 each (earning 5,000 Qantas Points and 80 Status Credits) 

Six business class seats will be sold at $3,787 each (earning 10,000 Qantas Points and 160 Status Credits)

The flight will depart Sydney at 10.30am on Saturday the 10th October following breakfast in the Qantas Business lounge, and return to Sydney at 5.30pm.

Tickets went on sale yesterday at midday at and when I checked on this last night all the seats had sold out. I later found out tickets sold out in 10 minutes.

Qantas has not ruled out organising more scenic flights, an initiative taken up by airlines in Asian countries also desperate to keep pilots working. Mr Joyce said considering the demand for this new kind of travel Qantas will "definitely" look at scheduling more scenic flights.

Taiwan airline EVA recently organised a Father's Day scenic flight over the country and Japanese airline ANA took passengers on a 90-minute 'Hawaiian themed' flight last month.

Singapore Airlines is now considering "flights to nowhere" to and from Changi Airport.

I will have to watch out for Qantas flight as it overflies Brisbane.

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