Sunday, 3 May 2020

Two Qatar aircraft damaged on the ground

This story is a few days old now but due to the incredible events thought I would share it anyway.

QATAR A350-1041 A7-ANB (MSN 102)

On the 30th April Doha Airport faced a violent storm with gusts up to 110 km/h (61 knots). Two parked Qatar aircraft got damaged during the storm. A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner started rolling and pushed a neighbouring Airbus A350-900 causing damage to both aircraft. The 787 Dreamliner, which can weigh 119,950 kg (264,500lb) OEW, turned 45° to the left and was pushed into an equally heavy A350 by strong winds. The nose of the 787 aircraft hit the right-hand forward fuselage of the A350. Airport security video shows the first aircraft rolling along the tarmac heading straight towards the other plane. Both aircraft were parked at a remote stand and had been parked securely and chocked in accordance with AMM (aircraft maintenance manual) guidelines while operations at the airport had been temporarily suspended due to the high winds.
"No passengers or crew were on board at the time and the aircraft suffered only minor damage."

Aircraft Number One
Airline: Qatar Airways
Code: QR/QTR
Type: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Registration: A7-BCT
Serial Number 38338/266
First Flew: 20/01/2015
Test Registration: N10187

Aircraft Number Two
Airline: Qatar Airways
Code: QR/QTR
Type: Airbus A350-941
Registration: A7-ALJ
Serial Number: 025
First Flew: 06/05/2016
Test Registration: F-WZFT

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