Sunday 22 October 2017

Day Four (and final day) of the Adelaide Conference

Well yesterday was the last day of the conference, there were still lots of suppliers to go through, then a member forum and brain storming session.
At lunch time we took the annual group member photo, this a little difficult to organise this time around due to where we were and time restraints.

The conference came to an end and we had just over an hour and a half to get ready for the Gala Dinner and show, but the real pressure was on the hotel staff to transform the room from a meeting room to the Gala dinner room, because the Gala Dinner was being held in the same ballroom where we had the conference.

The awards are handed out from the manufactures to the Rapid members and where Rapid committee hand out awards to its members as well.
I am really excited to say our company won 7 awards all up (6 for Brisbane and 1 for Sydney) included in the 7 was 2nd place for Member of the Year. We have won this award for 2 years in a row now.

After the formalities it was time to party and the night got kicked off by some Brazilian musicians followed by Brazilian dancers.

Around 11.30pm we were kicked out of the ballroom so we went out into the mall area outside the hotel and found a great pub called the Jetty Hotel. Well, we were singing our hearts out and drinking like there was no tomorrow.

Then at 2am, due to liquor laws, the pub had to close.
I have had an amazing week, from plane spotting Monday and Tuesday to sight seeing Thursday and winning awards last night.  
Really looking forward to going home to my amazing family.

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