Thursday 31 August 2017

Sydney - Brisbane Trip (August Trip)

After three really busy days in Sydney, including not only interviewing for a new sales rep but choosing one as well, it was time to head home.
My flight was at 4pm and boarding was suppose to be at 3.40 but Qantas have been boarding early lately so I anticipated that in my arrival time. I headed off to the airport around 2.15pm and arriving at the airport 15 minutes earlier than I expected, I called into Sheps Hill (a viewing area at Sydney airport). The area; which before was just two solid dirt mounds and had a huge fence with a shipping container and old work equipment right in front of you;  had been closed for to the public for renovations and today was the grand opening of the new viewing area. I wanted to call in for a look and I tell you I wasn't disappointed. The area now has two high level concrete slabs with a protective glass wall and the huge fence has gone along with the shipping container and work equipment.


TIGERAIR A320-232 VH-XUH (CN 6749)

UPS MD11F N271UP (CN 48572)

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EDO (CN 057)

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VXB (CN 30101)

SINGAPORE A380-841 9V-SKB (CN 005)


After 15 minutes there I had to leave, although I didn't want to but I had to drop my car back, get through security and get to the gate for my flight in time. I got to gate 5 with about 3 minutes to spare as they commenced boarding at 3.31. I took my seat which was 20F and the aircraft for this flight was VH-VZS (39358) This is the third time I had been on this aircraft; Sep 2016 15F and Jan this year in 11B. The last cabin door was closed at 4pm and we pushed back at 4.02. We taxied at 4.05pm and headed for runway 16L; when we got there we had a rolling start and we got airborne at 4.12pm.
After take off we banked to the left and made our way up the coast flying over Newcastle.

As we climbed to 370 we continued that heading until Lismore. I really enjoy getting this flight as you get complimentary beer or wine with your snack. At 4.48 we began our descent and once over the Gold Coast we banked hard left at headed in land to Archerfield, there we banked right and tracked down the ILS for a runway 01 landing, touching down at 5.18pm.

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