Thursday, 27 July 2017

Melbourne to Brisbane trip

As mentioned in yesterdays blog I had to go to Melbourne for a night so I managed to grab a few photos this morning on my way in from a customer call plus aircraft overflying our office.

VIETNAM B787-9 VN-A864 (CN 35154)

AIR ASIA X A330-343 9M-XBA (CN 1670)

SICHUAN A330-243 B-6546 (CN 1303)

CHINA SOUTHERN A330-323 B-5917 (CN 1392)


It was time to head home and my Virgin flight VA 377 was leaving at 4pm and boarding was at 3.40 so I arrived at the airport around 2.50pm and spent 30 minutes doing some spotting with my little Pansonic pocket camera before heading off to the gate.


REX SAAB 340B -VH-REX (CN 384)

JETSTAR B787-8 VH-VKJ (CN 36236)

TIGERAIR A320-232 VH-VNJ (CN 2982)

TIGERAIR B737-8FE  VH-VUD (CN 34015)

SICHUAN AIRLINES A330-243 B-8962 (CN 1780)

AIR NEW ZEALAND B777-219 ZK-OKF (CN 34378)


THAI B777-3AL HS-TKP (CN 41525)

JETSTAR A320-232 VH-VFT (CN 5532)

ETIHAD B777-3FX A6-ETR (CN 41701)

We began boarding at 3.43 at gate 7 and I took my seat which was 20F. The last cabin door was closed at 4.00pm and we pushed back at 4.02pm. At 4.05 we began taxiing for runway 34, after arriving at the holding point we lined up straight away and got airborne at 4.11pm. Maintaining runway heading for a few miles we banked right and set course for Brisbane as we made our way to flight level 360. Our track took us in land west of Wagga Wagga and Orange. From Tamworth we flew towards the Gold Coast and then onto Brisbane following the coast line.
The disappointment continued as we were offered one small lemon biscuit and a cup of tea. On the way up I watched another movie called "on the edge of 17"  it was about a girl who's father died as she was about to turn 17 but she couldn't handled life and what it threw at her. It had both drama and romance. We began our descent in Brisbane at 5.35 and landed on runway 19 from the north at 6.05pm.

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