Sunday, 30 July 2017

Four men arrested over ''allegedly" plotting to blow up an aircraft


Four men are in custody this morning and 'assisting police' after heavily armed counter-terrorism officers raided four Sydney properties over an alleged terrorist plot that reportedly involved blowing up an aircraft here in Australia.
Wearing gas masks and ballistic ­armour, backed by fire crews and specially trained paramedics, officers from the Joint Counter Terrorism Team stormed three properties in Sydney’s west — at Sproule St, Lakemba, Renown Ave, Wiley Park, and Victoria Rd, Punchbowl — and a terrace on Goodlet Lne, Surry Hills, in the inner city.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the raids that took place on Saturday afternoon were designed to stop 'terrorist attacks in Australia'.
He's been briefed on the operation by security agency heads and is expected to provide further details on later on this morning.
Officers involved in the searches were looking for material that could be used to make an improvised explosive device or “some other method” to bring down a domestic passenger plane.
“There was a threat of a device and an aircraft,” the official said, but added that its credibility was still being ­determined.
Some media reports have claimed a suspicious device needed to be removed from the Surry Hills property.
All airports in Australia are on heightened security and will continue until further notice.

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