Tuesday 2 August 2016

Brisbane - Sydney - Brisbane

Back in January, after eight years at my previous job, I changed jobs and began working for a reseller here in Brisbane as their business development manager. Then yesterday (the 1st August) I was promoted to National Sales Manager. Today I had to travel to Sydney for the day to visit the sales team and other members in our Sydney office.
I got up at 4am and made my way to the airport for my 6.30am flight,
I arrived at 5.20am and the queue to get through security was crazy. After waiting for my managing director we ended up getting to our gate just as they were boarding, in fact I think we were either the last or the second last to board. The aircraft this morning was a B737-838 (VH-VZB) and we took our seats which was 22F and E. We pushed back from gate 17 at 6.28am and commenced taxing at 6.32. We taxied out for runway 19 and got airborne at 6.37.

After making a few banks left and right we got established on our track to Sydney climbing to flight level 380. 

The ride was very smooth and comfortable, we began our descent into Sydney at 7.25 and after overflying the famous Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge we landed on runway 34R at 7.50am and taxied to gate 6 arriving there at 8.05am.

Well it was time for me to head back to the airport for my flight home as I was on the 6.05pm flight; I arrived around 5pm and made my way up to gate 1; when I got to gate 1 they had already boarded and again I was the last few to board. This made me angry as it was 5.30 and boarding was due to start at 5.45. I took my seat which was 21A and once again the aircraft was a B737-838 (VH-VXM). We were then told we had to wait 20 mins for our slot time of 6.05pm.. Then at 6.05pm we pushed back, we began taxing at 6.10 and got airborne off runway 16L at 6.21. It had been raining for most of the day and I knew the flight out would be bumpy. As we got airborne I could feel the angle of attack was steeper than normal and we were climbing faster than normal. As expected it was rough bumpy and uncomfortable for the first 20 minutes. We climbed to flight level 390 and it was really smooth up there. Then at 7.07pm we began our descent and unfortunately the weather wasn't much better here in Brisbane as the descent, although not as bad as the departure, was bumpy and slight uncomfortable.  We performed a wide circle over my suburb before getting established on the 01 ILS, and we touched down at 7.39pm.

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