Saturday 27 February 2016

Virgin Australia says "goodbye" to another ERJ 190

On the 2nd of February at approximately 8.50am Virgin Australia's Embraer ERJ 190 VH-ZPD (CN 1900176) with the Callsign Velocity 9901 departed Brisbane for the very last time; as it was heading off to Nashville USA via Apia, Honolulu and Van Nuys.
ZPD was the fourth out of the eleven aircraft ordered, and it was added to the Australian Aircraft Register on the 6th May 2008. ZPD operated its first revenue service from Brisbane - Rockhampton as DJ 1239 on the 9th June 2008 and it's last flight was DJ 620 a service from Mackay to Brisbane on the 31st January 2016... the aircraft was originally named 'Tickled Blue' but it was later changed to Dudley Beach

Well today it was ZPG's turn to head over the big ditch; and once again with the Callsign Velocity 9901 VH-ZPG (CN 19000195) departed at 8.23am and started heading to Nashville via Apia; Honolulu and Van Nuys. ZPG was the seventh of eleven aircraft ordered and it was entered into the Australian Aircraft Register on the 23rd July 2008. ZPG's first revenue flight was from Brisbane on the 26th September 2008 but unfortunately after an hour of searching I cannot find where it went to.
Its last revenue flight was also DJ 620 a service from Mackay to Brisbane on the 26th February 2016... this aircraft was first named 'Elle E Jet' but then later changed to Glenelg Beach

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