Thursday, 28 May 2015

Day Two in Darwin

The good thing about building a close rapport with your customers is I get to know them and them know me... Very well. After talking to the owner of this business at great lengths it was time to hit the road with their sales representative. I mentioned the amount of military activity in Darwin yesterday and last night and mentioned this certain aircraft coming in around 11.30 and with hesitation she said "well we will have to go out and get it then won't we" So I guess I am very lucky that way, it could have quite easily gone the other way and I would have missed the opportunity all together.
As soon as I drove out of their street and we passed the airport I saw this parked there.

We then continued on our way doing calls for the morning; until it was time to get Hy-Fly

Through out the day I managed to get shots in where I could. 
We even did a little sight seeing along the way.

Then mid afternoon I said goodbye to my fellow companion and I went solo

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