Friday, 27 March 2015

Germanwings crash: Pilot locked out of cockpit

This is so hard to believe that a pilot; someone with such a love and passion for aviation could do this; but reports now indicate that one of the two pilots of the crashed Germanwings flight was locked out of the cockpit before the plane slammed into the French Alps killing all 150 people.
A spokesperson from the prosecutors' office in Dusseldorf, confirmed that you could hear one of the seats being pushed back and the door being opened and closed, followed by the sound of constant knocking. An official from Germanwings confirmed "there was no more conversation from that point until the crash". The spokesperson said he did not know whether it was the captain or the co-pilot who was in the cockpit. The source also said an alarm indicating the proximity of the ground could be heard before the impact.

The recording included the pilots speaking normally and in German at the start of flight 4U9525.
Neither Germanwings nor parent company Lufthansa has released the identity of the two pilots.
A New York Times reporter who had heard the recordings was as saying officials do not know why one of the pilots left the cockpit.
"But what is sure is that at the very end of the flight, the other pilot is alone and does not open the door," the investigator said.
The Airbus A320 began a sudden and fatal eight-minute descent shortly after reaching cruising altitude. No distress signal was sent and the crew failed to respond to desperate attempts at contact from ground control. It is believed that two Australians were also on board this flight.

In Frankfurt, the chief of Lufthansa, which runs the low-cost Germanwings airline, Carsten Spohr said the crash was "inexplicable".
"The plane was in perfect condition and the two pilots were very experienced," he said.
Weather did not appear to be a factor in the crash, with conditions calm at the time. Germanwings has an unblemished safety record.
Once again my thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved, to all the staff at both Germanwings and Lufthansa and of course those working at the scene.
To the 150 people on board "GOD BLESS"

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