Sunday, 8 May 2016

Hobart to Brisbane flight

Well after an amazing night watching my sister and her lovely man get married, and of course catching up with family and friends, it was time to head back home.
My flight out of Hobart was at 10.30 so I arrived at the airport at 9.40, checked in and went through security. The aircraft, a B737 with the registration VH-YFG, had already arrived from Melbourne. We began boarding at 10.00am and for this flight I was in 25A. Hobart airport doesn't have weigh bridges so the aircraft stand alone. We were all boarded by 10.15 but due to our slot time in Melbourne we had to sit and wait for our 10.30 departure time.

JETSTAR A320- 232 VH-VQA (CN 3783)

We started taxiing out for a runway 30 departure at 10.31.  Aircraft need to backtrack in Hobart as well as the taxiways aren't extended to the end of the runway. I was quite nervous about the flight back, still having the horrific flight down carved very deep in my memory.

We became airborne at 10.37 and climbed to flight level 260.  Even though we flew in cloud for most of the flight it was smooth and comfortable.


We began our descent into Melbourne at 11.28 and landed on runway 34 at 11.51. I had a few hours here before my next flight so guess what I did...

BOMBARDIER BD-700-1A10 VH-VGX ( CN 9079)

ROYAL BRUNEI 787-8 V8-DLA (CN 347850
QANTASA330-303 VH-QPG (CN 603)
AIR NEW ZEALAND 777-219(ER) ZK-OKH (CN 34379)
SCOOT 787-8 V9-OFE (CN 37122)

GARUDA A330-243 PK-GPN (CN 1261)


MALAYSIA A330-323 9M-MTN  (CN 1470)



THAI B777-2D7 HS-TJS (CN 34587)

Well time went really fast and it was now time to board my second flight, and the aircraft for this sector was another B737 and the registration was VH-VOL and I was sitting in my favourite spot, 20A. We began boarding at 2.35 and we pushed back right on 3pm
We began taxiing out at 3.05 and headed for runway 34. We lined up behind a few aircraft in front and waited our turn, then we taxied out onto the runway, powered up and got airborne at 3.19pm.
Climbing to flt Lvl 350 our track this afternoon took us east of Shepparton, over Orange, Inverell, west the Gold Coast. We began our descent at 4.43 and almost overflying my house before coming in to land on runway 01 in Brisbane at 5.04pm.

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