Friday, 13 May 2016

Brisbane to Perth flight

Today is one of those exciting days were I jumped out of bed and after a shower and a quick bite to eat I headed off to the airport as I was traveling to Perth, Western Australia to see the Antonov 225 arrive on Sunday. My Qantas flight, QF 589, was due to depart at 8.15 so I arrived at the airport just after 7.15am. After checking in and clearing security I headed up to gate 20 were I found my aircraft, an Airbus A330-202 (VH-EBK) basking in the morning sun.

QANTAS A330-202 VH-EBK (CN 945)

We started boarding at 8.05 and my seat for this 5 and a 1/2 hour flight was 30K. We pushed back at 8.23 and began taxiing out for the full length of runway 19 at 8.31.

We got airborne at 8.37 and after circling the city 



We headed north up to a place called Kingaroy, this is were we turned left and headed out to Roma, across to Coober Pedy and Kalgoorlie and then into Perth.
The ride was smooth and comfortable and very enjoyable.
We began our descent at 1.10pm and landed in Perth on runway 24 at 1.45pm Eastern Standard Time. Due to the time difference I had to put my watch back two hours so it was actually 11.45am in Perth.
After being picked up by my brother and knowing Iron Maidens "Ed Force One" was due in later that afternoon we hung around the airport to see this aircraft. Unfortunately due to the winds aircraft were taking off and landing on the furthest runway making taking a good photo almost impossible.

SINGAPORE 777-212 9V-SRM (CN 32320)


SINGAPORE 777-212 9V-SRP (CN 33369)

ED FORCE ONE 747-428 TF-AAK (CN 33369)

ED FORCE ONE 747-428 TF-AAK (CN 33369)

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