Saturday, 14 May 2016

Cabin Crew member tries to kill himself in flight

A BRITISH Airways plane was diverted after a member of airline staff tried to kill himself at 38,000ft. 
The cabin crew worker is understood to have slit his wrists in a cabin toilet on BA Flight 282 from Los Angeles to London.
There was horror on board the giant Airbus 380 when staff made the grisly discovery of their colleague. It is not known what he used to cut himself. He was found slumped on the toilet seat after executive passengers noticed the cubicle had been locked for a long time.  Emergency medical help was given to the off-duty steward and the plane diverted to Iceland.  One British Airways worker told The Sun: “This was a terrible incident, everyone was upset.
“There was blood and tears. It was truly shocking.”
The plane was full of Hollywood executives headed for the Cannes Film Festival.
Stan Rosenfield, a publicist whose clients include George Clooney, told how one of the toilets was locked for ages.
He said: “Earlier, I remember going to the bathroom and it said occupied.
“I didn't feel like going to another section. A little while later, the same thing happened, so I just went to another bathroom. "Then there were a series of beeps — I've never heard anything like it. All the flight attendants converged in the galley where the bathroom was and drew the curtain."
A flight attendant told the passenger sitting next to Rosenfield – in Cannes to join Clooney for the premiere of his movie Money Monster – that a man had been found slumped in the toilet. He was said to have locked the door before cutting his wrists. The aircraft took off 20 minutes late from California at 3:50pm local time (11:50pm GMT) on Monday and was due to land at London Heathrow at 10am Tuesday. But the plane was forced to make an abrupt turn north shortly after 7am after the dramatic suicide bid. The aircraft eventually landed in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik at 7:44am. The BA worker was immediately rushed to hospital.  The aircraft, an Airbus A380-841, with the call sign "Speedbird 282" had the registration G-XLEK (CN 194) 

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