Saturday, 22 July 2017

On this day in History

On Sunday 22nd July 1973, (44 years ago today) at 10:06pm local time a PanAm flight (PA816) from Auckland (AKL) to San Francisco (SFO) via Papeete (PPT) and Los Angeles (LAX) crashed into the ocean on take off from Tahiti airport..
The Boeing 707 named "Clipper Winged Racer" took off from runway 04 at Tahiti's Fa'a'ā International Airport for it's second leg of the flight. The airplane climbed to a height of 300 feet and initiated a left turn. 3 km (1.9 miles) NE of Papeete-Faaa Airport it began to descend with an excessive bank turn and struck the sea. The wreckage sank into the 2,300 foot (700 metres) deep waters. Miraculously out of the 69 passengers and 10 crew 1 person survived the crash. He was Neil Campbell, a Canadian citizen.

PROBABLE CAUSE:  All though the reason for the crash was never known, as both the CVR and FDR were never recovered. It is considered that an instrument failure may have diverted the crew's attention during the turn. It was dark outside and the turn was made towards the sea. 

Aircraft Information

Aircraft: Boeing 707-321B
Operator: Pan American World Airways (Pan Am)
Registration: N417PA
Serial Number: 18959
Engines: 4 Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3B
First Flew: 25th Feb 1966
Age: 7 yrs old (at time of crash)
Test Registration:

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sydney - Wellcamp Trip

Well after spending a few very busy days here I am not sorry to be leaving.
The weather here has been horrible, even though the sky's have been clear and sunny the wind chill has been horrific.
My flight back to Wellcamp (Brisbane West) was due to leave at 5.20pm and boarding was at 5pm.
I decided to head off to the airport a bit early so I can get in a bit of spotting in before my flight.

QANTAS A380-841 VH-OQA (CN 014)

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VXQ (CN 33723)


UPS MD 11 N257UP (CN 484510

AIR CHINA A330-243 B-6081 (CN 839)


FEDEX MD 11 N582FE (CN 48420)


                AIR NEW ZEALAND A320-232 ZK-OJI (CN 2297)

After checking in and clearing security I made my way up to the Qantas museum to get the landing QATAR A380.

QANTAS A380-841 VH-OQK (CN 063)

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EET (CN 142)

QATAR A380-861 A7-APE (CN 181)

AIR CHINA A330-243 B-6081 (CN 839)

QANTAS B747-438 VH-OEI (CN 32913)

Around 4.50pm I went down to gate 17 but noticed there was no aircraft there yet, so I knew we were going to be late getting away. Due to the severe winds Sydney was down to one runway ops so aircraft were holding for some time before being able to land. Our aircraft got to the gate at 5.13pm.
We finally started boarding 40 minutes late at 5.40pm
The aircraft was a Dash 8 Q400 and the registration was VH-QOF (CN 4128) this is the first time i have been on this aircraft since i started recording registrations.
I took my seat which was 12D and to my surprise the flight was three quarter full.
The cabin door was closed at 5.52pm and we started engines at 5.53. We began taxiing at 5.58pm and taxiied out to runway 25. We held short for short time and then lined up, getting airborne at 6.04pm.

Our cruising altitude for tonights flight was 240 and the ride was very smooth and really comfortable.
Our track took us north over the city and up over Armidale and west of Glen Innes, then on to Wellcamp.
We began our descent at 6.52pm and landed at Wellcamp on runway 30 at 7.16pm.

Man arrested on Qantas Perth - Brisbane flight

QANTAS A330-202 VH-EBK (CN 0945)                   File Photo

A Queensland man has been granted bail after allegedly causing a disturbance on a flight from Perth to Brisbane.
Qantas flight QF652 returned to Perth after about an hour in the air and it's alleged the man, 38, became very abusive and repeatedly failed to follow crew instructions on the overnight flight.
The aircraft was just entering the Great Australian Bite when it turned around and headed back to Perth.
The man was arrested by Australian Federal Police on the plane's return and the flight was delayed by about three hours, arriving in Brisbane yesterday morning.
An AFP spokeswoman said the man was expected to face charges including assaulting aircrew, harming a Commonwealth officer and obstructing police.
He appeared in the Perth Magistrates' Court yesterday and was bailed to reappear on August 9.

The aircraft, an Airbus A330-202 with Rego VH-EBK departed from Perth's runway 21 at 11.05pm Perth time and returned just over two hours later landing on runway 24 at 1.37am.
QF 652 then departed again on runway 21 at 4.35am Perth time arriving into Brisbane at 8.24am Brisbane time landing on runway 19.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Bankstown Airport

I've mentioned on here a few times now that Bankstown airport is very close to our branch in Moorebank, in fact it is 15 minutes away in good traffic. So this afternoon after work I decided to go back out and have another look around. When I got there I noticed not only had two of the Air New Zealand Beech 1900's gone or been moved but there were no aircraft doing circuits which was unusual. In fact nothing had come or gone for the 45 minutes I was there. The wind there tonight was extremly strong and bitterly cold making it an unpleasant trip out.
I drove around the airport looking for something different or special and I found another Air New Zealand Beech 1900 behind some hangers, I also manage to get a few other aircraft on the ground.


BEECH 1900D VH-OYZ (CN UE-439)
Was ZK-EAP of Air New Zealand Link (Eagle Airways)

BEECH 1900D VH-OYV (CN UE-428)
Was ZK-EAE of Air New Zealand Link (Eagle Airways)


VH-URU (CN BB-1150)

TOLL ATR 42-300 VH-TOX (CN 042)

BEECH 1900D VH-OYY (CN UE-437)
Was ZK-EAN of Air New Zealand Link (Eagle Airways)

VH-SFM (CN 28-8016151)

VH-JQO (CN 28-7890416)

VH-SWB (CN 1557)




PIPER AEROSTAR 601P VH-JHG (CN 61P-0582-7963256)

Emirates and Flydubai join forces

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EEL (CN 133)          File Photo

Emirates and flydubai today unveiled an extensive partnership which will see the two Dubai-based airlines join forces to offer customers unmatched travel options. Both airlines will continue to be managed independently, but will leverage each other’s network to scale up their operations and accelerate growth.
The innovative partnership goes beyond code-sharing and includes integrated network collaboration with coordinated scheduling. The new model will give flydubai customers seamless connectivity to Emirates’ worldwide destinations spanning six continents. For Emirates’ customers, it opens up flydubai’s robust regional network.
The two airlines will also further develop their hub at Dubai International, aligning their systems and operations to ensure a seamless travel experience through the ultra-modern airport; currently the world’s busiest for international passengers.
HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Group and Chairman of flydubai, said: "This is an exciting and significant development for Emirates, flydubai, and Dubai aviation. Both airlines have grown independently and successfully over the years, and this new partnership will unlock the immense value that the complementary models of both companies can bring to consumers, each airline, and to Dubai.”
Emirates today has a wide-body fleet of 259 aircraft, flying to 157 destinations (including 16 cargo-only points). flydubai operates 58 New-Generation Boeing 737 aircraft to 95 destinations. The current combined network comprises 216 unique destination points.
The partnership is working to optimise the networks and schedules of both airlines, to open up new city-pair connections offering consumers greater choice. Additionally, this will help both airlines feed more traffic into each other’s complementary networks. By 2022, the combined network of Emirates and flydubai is expected to reach 240 destinations, served by a combined fleet of 380 aircraft.
The Emirates and flydubai teams are working together on a number of initiatives spanning commercial, network planning, airport operations, customer journey, and frequent flyer programmes alignment.
The partnership will be rolled out over the coming months, with the first enhanced code-sharing arrangements starting in the last quarter of 2017. Further details will be communicated as they become available.
Fully owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), both Emirates and flydubai are operated independently and under separate management teams.

Story sourced from here

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Wellcamp - Sydney Trip

                                WELLCAMP AIRPORT               (File Photo)

Having commitments in Pittsworth on Friday I decided to drive out to Pittsworth last night where our friends live and stay the night with them. Then this morning I would have a short 20 min drive to Brisbane West (Wellcamp) Airport (IATA: WTB - ICAO: YBWW.)
Flying back into Wellcamp on Thursday night I would be in Pittsworth for my personal appointments on Friday morning. (The below photos were taken from a previous visit to the airport.)

This is the first time I have flown out of or into this airport.
My QantasLink flight (QF 2015) departs at 6.20am and boarding is at 6am, so at 5am I left our friends home in Pittsworth arriving at the airport at 5.20am.


We began boarding at 6.10am and I took my seat which was 4A, the aircraft for today was a Dash 8 Q400 and the registration was VH-LQG (CN 4376) Wellcamp doesn't have an aerobridge so we had to walk out onto the tarmac to board the aircraft. Getting out to the aircraft we had to wait for about 2 minutes before we could board for some reason. We finally boarded and the last cabin door was closed at 6.30. The engines were started at 6.33am. Since Wellcamp don't have aerobridges we didn't need pushing back so we just started taxiing at 6.36 and taxied out for runway 30. We had a rolling start and got airborne 20 minutes late at 6.39am, we made a long slow left hand turn as we climbed to flight level 250, and i could see the airport as we flew south.


Our track took us just west of Stanthorpe and down over the top of Glen Innes, there we tracked to the east of Armidale and on to Cessnock then into Sydney. The flight down was very smooth and comfortable. The pilot told us the delay was due to our slot time in Sydney, if we left on time we would have had to hold for 20 minutes anyway so it was best to stay on the ground.

At 7.40 we began our descent and once over the city of Sydney we banked left and headed out to sea for a short while before making a 180 degree turn and landing from the south on 34R right on our scheduled time of 8.00am.

CATHAY A330-343 B-LAI (CN 959) 

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VXJ (CN 33480)

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EUI (CN 221)

SINGAPORE A380-841 9V-SKD (CN 008)

KKOREAN AIR A330-323 HL-7553 (CN 267)

After stopping a few times on our taxi in we made it to the gate only to find we had to get a bus to the terminal. So this was a whole new experience for me.