Saturday, 7 May 2016

Brisbane to Hobart flight

Today I found myself back at the airport as I was heading off to Hobart Tasmania for the night to see my sister get married. My morning started at 4.30am as I had my first of two flights at 6.50am.
I arrived at the airport at 5.45am and after doing the self check-in service I went straight to security and up to gate 41. As I was a little early I managed to grab a few photos before the flight.

VIRGIN ATR72-212 VH-FVM (CN 079)

VIRGIN 733-8FE VH-VUJ (CN 34443)

The aircraft to Melbourne, an ERJ 190 (VH-ZPJ) was sitting at
the gate after resting all night.

VIRGIN ERJ 190-100 IGW VH-ZPJ (CN 19000209)

We began boarding at 6.30 and for this flight I was in 20A. I always choose 20A as 20 is my birthday number and A for window seat. We pushed back at 6.48 and commenced taxiing at 6.54.

VIRGIN 737-8FE VH- YFQ (CN 41010)

VIRGIN 737-8FE VH-YFP (CN 41011)

Runway 19 was in use so we taxied out to Alpha 3 holding holding point; we had a rolling start and we became airborne at 6.57am. Our track took us out over Inverell, Gunnedah, Parkes, Shepperton and then Melbourne 
We climbed to flight level 260 and the ride was smooth and comfortable.

QANTAS 737-838 VH-VXS (CN 33725)

We began our descent into Melbourne at 8.40 and landed on runway 34 right on 9am.
As we landed 20 minutes early I was on the ground for an hour and a half which gave me some time to do spotting. 

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EOT (CN 204)
JETSTAR 787-8 VH-VKH (CN 36233)
UNITED 787-9 N26960 (CN 36408)
CHINA SOUTHERN A330-323 B-8358 (CN 1699)
QANTAS A380-842 VH-OQD ( 0026)
AIR ASIA X A330-343 9M-XXK (CN 952)
AIR INDIA 787-8 VT-ANR (CN 36289)
Then it wasn't long before I was back on the second flight, for the Melbourne to Hobart leg.
The aircraft again was an ERJ190 (VH-ZPB) and again I was in 20A. We began boarding at 10.18 and pushed back at 10.40, we began taxiing at 10.45
We taxied out for runway 34 and like Brisbane we had a rolling start, the climb out was very bumpy but the worst was yet to come. We climbed to 30,000 feet and the flight was smooth and comfortable, then out of nowhere we hit a few severe bumps. The bumps continued and then seemed to get worse, the captain asked everyone to return to their seats fasten seat belts and stopped the inflight service. Well this thing rolled and yawed and dropped and climbed and I am sure the pilots would have lost control of the aircraft for a few seconds. My hot cup of tea ended up on my iPad, my phone and the tray table, then eventually dripping onto my legs. I have flown 300 times I reckon and this is now the worst flight I have ever taken. This flight really rattled me...
Five minutes after it all began the ride smoothed out and everything returned to normal. We began our descent into Hobart at 11.25 and landed on runway 30 at 11.47

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