Thursday, 5 May 2016

Iron Maiden says "Goodbye" to Brisbane

After a few days in Brisbane and a sell out concert last night Iron Maiden and the famous "Ed Force One" 747 departed Brisbane for Sydney this afternoon. At exactly 1.57pm Atlanta 666 requested pushback from its resting place on the logistics apron. The almighty Queen of the skies began taxiing at 2.00pm and headed for the holding point of runway 01. At 2.16pm Atlanta 666 was given "clear for take off". Due to the short flight to Sydney Eddie was light on and rotated early; after take off it made a long slow right hand turn and set course for Sydney. There is a chance I will see this aircraft two more times before it leaves Australia. I will be in Melbourne for a few hours this coming Sunday, and in Perth for the Antonov 225 next Friday the 13th.

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