Saturday, 13 January 2018

Brisbane to lose the daily A380

EMIRATES A390-861 A6-EDA (CN 011)          File Photo

Having a love for aviation (well an obsession actually) and the A380 being my favourite aircraft, it was disappointing to hear the daily EK 434, which comes into Brisbane direct from Dubai every morning and continues on to Auckland, was dropping the Auckland sector in March this year. (I did a story on the on the 14th October 2017)  This means the daily 8.25am departure of the biggest passenger aircraft in the word, and of course the 7pm arrival back from Auckland as EK435 was going to cease, and the aircraft would sit on the ground all day like it does in Sydney and Melbourne.

WELL, if that wasn't bad enough Emirates have confirmed Brisbane will be losing the A380 altogether for 3 months from early June to late August. The 489 seat A380 will be replaced by the smaller 354 seat B777. 
From the 25th March 2018, Emirates will also stop flying from Melbourne to Auckland. Emirates will retain its existing daily A380 flight from Dubai to Christchurch via Sydney, and the airline is also evaluating potential new direct services between New Zealand and Dubai.

Qantas will be filling the gap that Emirates will leave behind and will increase the frequency of its services between the two countries, adding seven new return flights per week between Melbourne and Auckland and an extra two return services per week between Brisbane and Auckland. Some of these services will be upgraded from a 737 to a A330.

The changes also enable Emirates to reschedule its Australia flights to create a better spread of departure times throughout the day the airline said, offering customers more choice when connecting and arriving in to the 38 European and 28 Middle East and North African destinations served by the airline’s popular A380 and 777 aircraft.

I am booked on the last Emirates flight from Auckland to Brisbane, going over on the 24th to do some plane spotting in Auckland for two days and returning on the last flight on the 25th March.

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