Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sydney - Brisbane Flight ( March Trip)

After three rain soaked days in Sydney it was time to head back home.
My flight was at 4pm and boarding was at 3.40pm, and since I was done with everything I needed to do for the day I made my way to the airport. I arrived there just after 2pm and after clearing security I made my way up to the QANTAS Club for some lunch and a few beers. The club, with restricted vision, over looks the airport so while I was relaxing I tried my hand at some plane spotting. Between the thick double glazed glass and the reflections on the windown, I managed to get a few shots that are exceptable. I was really pleased to see this QANTAS 747 as this is the first time I have seen it in this colour scheme.

QANTAS B747-438 VH-OEJ (CN 32914)


CHINA EASTERN A330-243 B-5926 (CN 1421)

QANTAS A380-841 VH-OQL (CN 074)

AIR CHINA A330-243 B-6072 (CN 759)



I headed down to gate 10 at 3.35 and just as I walked up to the gate they called boarding, so I was one of the first few to board. I took my seat which was 21A and the  aircraft was the usual 737-838. The aircraft for this trip was VH-VYK (CN 34183). The cabin crew called last door closed at 3.59 and we pushed back at 4.04. We began taxiing at 4.07 and we taxiied out for the longest departure point of the airfield, runway 34R.

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VXD (CN 33992)


QANTAS A330-202 VH-EBN (CN 1094)



As we taxied out the captain came on and said "due to the rough weather in the area the departing aircraft are experiencing a very bumpy uncomforatble climb out"  As we approached the holding point of 34R we continued out onto the runway and had a rolling start getting airborne at 4.15. Once airborne we disappeared into thick cloud and the captain was right, the aircraft started bouncing around, dropping slightly a few times but mainly just moderate turbulance. This continued on for about 5 mins and then it got smooth for a while. I noticed instead of flying inland like we normally do, we had gone out over the ocean and we were following the coastline. Half way through the drinks service the bumps started again and slightly got worse as the minutes went on. I noticed the cabin crew were loosing their feet and tripped over seats a few times. Wasn't long before the captain called "Passengers and crew be seated immediately" For the next 20 minutes we experienced moderate to rough turbulance and I could tell we climbed a few times. Once we found a smooth level the captain came back on and apologised for the rough trip, he said "there are many aircraft flying on this track and they were all talking to each other trying to find smooth air but unfortunately no had any luck". I have flown a masive amount of time over the years but a flight had never made me fell unwell in the stomach like this one did.
We finally began our descent at 5.04pm and we landed on runway 01 in Brisbane at 5.25pm. Due to Queensland not having daylight savings we had to loose and hour, making our official arrival time at 4.25pm.

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