Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Spotting around Melbourne

In Brisbane our office is right on the flight path and when I am there aircraft tease me by flying low and slow over our roof. Well I was extremely excited to find out that our Melbourne office is too on the flight path and arriving aircraft fly over the top of us. Below are a few photos that I took this morning while I was at the office.

VIETNAM B787-9 VN-A869 (CN 38768)

CHINA EASTERN B777-39P B-7369 (CN 43286)

CAPITAL AIRLINES A330-243 B-8550 (CN 1028)

TIGER B737-8FE VH-VUD (CN 34015)

Then this evening when I checked into my motel I was pleasantly surprised again as I could stand at my motel room door and watch aircraft arrive into Melbourne.
There is a hotel right accross the road from the motel which is where our team went and had dinner and I was lucky enough to not only watch them come in but get photos. The highlight of this afternoon was the QATAR 777 in the FC Barcelona livery as I had never seen this aircraft before.

SINGAPORE 777-212 9V-SVI (CN 32316)

ETIHAD A380-861 A6-APG (CN 198)


QATAR B777-SDZ A7-BAE (CN 36104)

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