Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Brisbane - Cairns Trip

Today I headed to the airport once again but this time with my little Co-Pilot (daughter) and cabin crew (wife and other daughter) in tow as we were off to Cairns on holidays for 8 days. I booked this holiday back in October but didn't tell any of them until yesterday.
Our flight wasn't until 2.10pm but we decided to head to the airport around midday and go up to the Qantas club for lunch. Every time I fly away I take my little handheld aircraft scanner with me and have never had an issue with security until today. They put my carry on bag to one side and then pulled the scanner out of the bag and put them both through security seperately. After all was clear we continued on upstairs.

Our flight, Qantas 784, was leaving from gate 25 and boarding was to commence at 1.50pm. We made our way up to the gate and we boarded at 1.51pm. We took our seats, and as the younger ones like the window seats, we chose 10 A,B,E and F. The aircraft for this sector was a Boeing 737-838 VH-VZE (CN 34199). The cabin door was closed at 2.08 and we pushed back at 2.17. We commenced taxiing at 2.20. Runway 19 was in use so we taxied out to the holding point at alpha 3. We lined up on runway 19 and got airborne at 2.26pm. After passing the international terminals we continued our heading for a few more minutes before banking right and circling the city of Brisbane.

Our track took us up over the Sunshine Coast then east of Rockhampton and west of Townsville and on to Cairns, we climbed to flight level 360. We commenced descent in to Cairns at 4.01 and landed on runway 15 at 4.40pm

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