Monday, 19 December 2016

Morning Tea in Sydney

After flying back from Sydney last Friday morning I found myself back in the air this morning once again heading to Sydney for an important business meeting, morning tea with one of our suppliers.
My Qantas flight wasn't until 7am but I got to the airport at 5.45am so I could get the early morning Emirates.

KOREAN AIR A330-303 HL-8026 (CN 1638)

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EDZ (CN 107)

After Emirates landed I went into the airport and after clearing security I went straight to gate 24 where my aircraft VH-VYG (CN 33995) was waiting. We began boarding at 6.41am and I took my seat in 8A. The doors where closed right on 7am and we pushed back at 7.04am. We taxied at 7.09 and taxied out for the full length of runway 19. After waiting for two arrivals we lined up and got airborne at 7.19. We did the normal left and right banks then set course for Sydney, climbing to 380. Our track took us over Beaudesert and Armidale and the flight was really smooth. We began our descent at 8.05am and after tracking down the coast line we landed from the south on runway 34R at 8.40, but of course due to daylight savings we had to add an hour so my arrival time was 9.40am.
Sitting on the left hand side of the aircraft I was able to capture a few aircraft as we taxied in

CHINA SOUTHERN A330-343 B-6087 (CN 889)

KOREAN AIR A380-861 HL-7627 (CN 130)


FEDEX MD11 N603FE (CN 48459)

After the meeting finished I had just over an hour of spotting time as I wasn't leaving until 1.00pm.
The below photos were taken through thick glass and some didn't turn out as perfect as I hoped.

LATAM B787-9 CC-BGG (CN 38461)

QANTAS A330-303 VH-QPF (CN 595)

AMERICAN B777-323ER N733AR (CN 33524)

SINGAPORE A380-841 A6-SKC (CN 006)

CHINA SOUTHERN A380-841 B-6137 ( CN 036)

FIJI AIRWAYS A330-243 DQ-FJV (CN 1465)

UNITED B787-9 N13954 (CN 36405)

QANTAS A380-841 VH-OQL (CN 074)

DELTA B777-232LR N710DN (CN 40560)

GARUDA A330-243 PK-GPN (CN 1261)

SINGAPORE A380-841 9V-SKJ (CN 045)

VIETNAM AIRLINES B787-9 VN-A863 (CN 35153)

XIAMEN AIR B787-8 B-2763 (CN 41543)

Well the time had come for me to head home on my final flight for this year, so I headed down to gate 12 where I found, even though it was only 12.40pm, they had already boarded and there were only a few stragglers like me coming in. The aircraft for this sector was VH-VYB (CN 33763) and I was in 11A.
The doors closed at 12.57 and we pushed back at 1.02pm, we taxied at 1.05pm and taxied out for the furthest point possible from the terminal. We lined up on runway 34R and we got airborne at 1.19. After flying over the city we banked left and travelled up the coastline to Newcastle; from there it was direct to Coolangatta, climbing to 370. We began our descent at 2.02pm and landed in Brisbane from the north on runway 19 at 2.31pm. We had to adjust the time as we loose an hour making our arrival time 1.31pm

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