Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Emirates B777 - a rare (daylight) sight in Brisbane

Brisbane gets two Emirates flights everyday; the morning Airbus A380 from Dubai and a late evening B777.
EK 434 arrives from Dubai around 6.30am and it then goes out to Auckland at 8.10am. EK 435 arrives back from Auckland that evening around 7pm and departs for Dubai at 9.10pm.
The second flight for Emirates is EK 432 and it arrives around 10.30pm and departs at 5am the next morning as EK 433. Today the B777 didn't arrive until 10.15 am this morning and then departed at 12.50pm this afternoon. This is really a rare sight for Brisbane to see an Emirates B777 during the day. As you will see the morning started out without a cloud in the sky and crystal clear blue sky's, then as the day went on the weather closed in.

                         EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EOF (CN 171)

EMIRATES B777-31H A6-ECQ (CN 35588)


CHINA AIRLINES A330-302 B-18316 (CN 838)

AIR VANUATU B737-8SH YJ-AV8 (CN 42052)

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