Sunday, 5 June 2016

World's longest flights from 10 - 1

After writing the story yesterday about Emirates using the A380 on the world's longest route; I thought what are the top ten longest routes in the world; so I went in search.
Emirates has 4 out of the 10 longest flights and 7 of the 10 flights originate from the UAE / Saudi Arabia area.

10. Abu Dhabi to San Francisco

Airline Eithad Airways
Flight number EY 183Y
Distance 8,158 miles
Duration 16 hours 15 mins
Aircraft type Boeing 777-300ER

9. Dallas to Hong Kong

Airline American Airlines
Flight number AA 137
Distance 8,123 miles
Duration 16 hours 20 mins
Aircraft type Boeing 777-300ER

8. Dubai to Houston

Airline Emirates
Flight number EK 211
Distance 8,168 miles
Duration 16 hours 20 mins
Aircraft type Airbus A380-800

7. Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight number EY 171
Distance 8,390 miles
Duration 16 hours 30 mins
Aircraft type Boeing 777-200LR

6. Dubai to Los Angeles

Airline Emirates
Flight number EK 215
Distance 8,339 miles
Duration 16 hours 35 mins
Aircraft type Airbus A380-800

5. Johannesburg to Atlanta

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight number DL 201
Distance 8,439 miles
Duration 16 hours 40 mins
Aircraft type Boeing 777-200LR

4. Jeddah to Los Angeles

Airline Saudia
Flight number SV 41
Distance 8,332 miles
Duration 16 hours 55 mins
Aircraft type Boeing 777-300ER

3. Dallas to Sydney

Airline Qantas
Flight number QF 8
Distance 8,578 miles
Duration 16 hours 55 mins
Aircraft type Airbus A380-800

2. Dubai to Panama

Airline Emirates
Distance 8,590 miles
Duration 17 hours 15 mins
Aircraft type Boeing 777-200LR
The Dubai to Panama route was due to launch in March this year but has since been postponed until later this year.

1. Dubai to Auckland

Airline Emirates
Flight number EK 499
Distance 8,819 miles
Duration 17 hours 20 mins
Aircraft type Boeing 777-200LR

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