Friday, 3 June 2016

Air Canada adds Brisbane to its network

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Today Air Canada added another city to its every increasing network; and that city was Brisbane.

Air Canada flight three five; a Boeing 787-8 with the registration C-GHPV (CN 35260); departed runway 08L Vancouver at 11.55pm on Wednesday 1st June and arrived in Brisbane landing on runway 19 at 7.08am on Friday 3rd June. The flight took 14 hours and 13 minutes.

After the arrival I headed off to the office for a while and later retuned to see it depart at 10.40am and to witness the water cannon salute; which is normally done on arrival, but for some reason the fire tenders decided to give the departing flight the salute.
Unfortunately the return leg didn't go as planed and Air Canada three six pushed back 20 minutes late, right on It began taxiing at 11.05 and as it made its way to the runway 19 holding point it taxied past the Fire Tenders 1 and 2 and was given the famous water canon salute.
AC 36 was given "Clear for take-off" at 11.19 and became airborne at 11.20; exactly 40mins after its original departure time.
Air Canada will call into Brisbane three times a week arriving on Tuesday's; Friday's and Sunday's until the 20th of this month then it will go daily. From October the route is due to be operated by the larger, 298-seat 787-9.

Air Canada's history dates back to 11th April 1937 when it was founded and was first called Trans Canada Airlines. Then on the 1st January 1965 Trans Canada Airlines changed its name to Air Canada.
Air Canada flies to 21 domestic destinations and 82 international destinations including Britain, Netherlands, France, United States, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Air Canada is the largest airline and flag carrier of Canada. Its largest hub is Toronto Pearson Airport, followed by Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary Airport. Air Canada is the 9th largest passenger airline by fleet size in the world with 354 aircraft.


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