Thursday, 5 February 2015

How much does that plane really cost?

Here is something I found that I thought was interesting.
If you have ever wondered why the cost of flying is still sky-high these day, then this figure will help explain why.
Half a billion dollars; Yep, that’s the amount some airlines have to fork out for a single plane from aircraft manufacturing giant Airbus. And that’s not even factoring in the price of fuel, hiring out space at the airport, or employees!
According to new figures released by Airbus, the A380 is its priciest model, at $549 million a piece, followed by the A350-1000, at $452,000. The cheapest plane was the less popular A318.
Here’s the list, and this has been converted from US dollars to Australian dollars.

Airbus aircraft type Average list price
• A318: $95.4 million
• A319: $113.8 million
• A320: $124.6 million
• A321: $146 million
• A319neo: $125.2 million
• A320neo: $136.4 million
• A321neo: $159.8 million
• A330-200: $294.1 million
• A330-800neo: $320.6 million
• A330-200 Freighter: $298.3 million
• A330-300: $325.9 million
• A330-900neo: $365.6 million
• A350-800: $346.2 million
• A350-900: $391.5 million
• A350-1000: $452 million
• A380-800: $549.8 million
These prices came into place on January 1, 2015, and represent an average price increase of 3.27 per cent across the Airbus fleet.

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