Saturday, 21 September 2019

Emirates to retire the A380's

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EDA (CN 11)   

Emirates airlines, the world's largest operator of the Airbus A380, is at the verge of retiring the A380 fleet as its manufacturer, Airbus, is also set to wind down its production in 2020. The move is expected to result in the reduction of the number of Emirates’ aircraft from 123 to around 90-100 by the mid-2020s. The airline added the first A380 to its fleet back in 2008 (29/07/2008 A6-EDA CN 11) and announced earlier this year that it plans to retire them fully in the 2030s. As Emirates cut their final delivery by 39 aircraft, Airbus announced that it would cease producing the A380 in 2020. The final deliveries to Emirates will take place in 2021. This makes them the last airline to still have A380s on order, apart from one for ANA. Emirates Airline president, Tim Clark, said they had aircraft coming out as their operating leases end, or when their financial leases end if they are wholly owned. Explaining the reason behind the decision, Clark added: “They are under retirement because we’ve got a major overhaul coming up and it’s best to take the old aircraft out – they’re all written down – and take the gear off them rather than buy a $25 million main landing gear. I need two, possibly three, to meet that overhaul requirement.”

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EDN (CN 56) 

Despite the announcement, it is expected for the A380 to continue to be a part of the Emirates fleet for the foreseeable future. According to Clark, the aircraft will still be seen in the airline’s fleet up to 2035. The A380 retirement is to be progressive, first stabilising at about 123 aircraft, and then going down to 90-100 by the middle of the 2020s. Emirates doesn’t believe there is a viable second hand market out there for its A380 fleet, so it decided to get all the life out of the planes before discarding them. This means passengers won’t have to say goodbye to A380 cabins just yet. With Airbus concluding its A380 programme at the beginning of 2020, airlines have already started to retire the aircraft from their fleet, even though some are still waiting for deliveries. Some of the airlines that decided to bid farewell to the A380 include Air France, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines. However, British Airways, which is one of the airlines with most A380s in its fleet, decided that there is plenty more life in the aircraft, being interested in using A380s to replace some of its dwindling 747s.Even though some airlines such as Emirates are implementing their A380 retirement plan, others still find value in the aircraft, especially when it comes to replacing their aging fleet.

There are 290 firm orders by 14 customers for the passenger version of the Airbus A380-800, of which 239 have been delivered as of July this year.

Airlines who fly the A380

Air France
All Nippon 
British Airways
China Southern
Hi Fly*
Korean Air

Singapore Airlines has already withdrawn the first three Airbus A380 delivered from their fleet.
9V-SKA (CN 003), was delivered in October of 2007 and retired it in August 2017. This aircraft is now registered as 2-DRPA
9V-SKB (CN 005) was delivered in January 2008 and retired January 2018. This aircraft is now registered as 9H-DPB.
*9V-SKC (CN 006) was delivered in March 2008 and retired in November 2017. This aircraft now fly's for Hi Fly Malta and is registered as 9H-MIP 

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