Friday, 8 June 2018

Pilot killed in fiery crash - Melbourne.

A Pilot has been killed in a fiery crash-landing on a suburban street in Melbourne’s south earlier this evening. The single-engine Cessna 172 aircraft, which was returning to Moorabbin Airport,(MBW/YMMB) was torn to shreds when it took out power lines and part of a residential fence in Mordialloc. It crash-landed in the middle of the street in Mordialloc, a southern suburb of Melbourne, just after 5pm.  A witness said “We saw the power lines move and we ran outside and saw a ball of flames,” “It was all over by the time we got out there -- just a big ball of flames.” Victoria Police spokeswoman Belinda Batty confirmed one person was on board and had died at the scene. Another witness said he could see the burnt-out cockpit of the single-engine plane which came to rest in the middle of the street.“By the look of it, he must have already been pretty low when he came down, rather than plunging from a great height,” the neighbour said.“Someone said the plane bounced off the front fence of a house as it came down, just missing the house.” Another neighbour, said he saw firemen hosing down the burning plane, after sirens alerted him to the crash across the street.“It was very intense, it was very strong. I guess it was the fuel tank,” he said. Kingston City councillor Geoff Gledhill said he spoke to a resident who claimed the plane struck a house and landed on the street, hitting a car. Dozens of residents have now been left without power after the crash. The crash site is less than 1km from the main runway at Moorabbin Airport, and 25km south of Melbourne CBD. Motorists have been urged to avoid the area. 
Aircraft Information
Owner: Oxford Aviation Academy
Aircraft Type: Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Registration: VH-EWE
Serial Number: 172S10361
Engines: 1 Lycoming Piston

Thoughts and prayers go out to the immediate family and friends and of course the staff at Oxford Aviation Academy.


  1. I photographed VH-KFN a month ago, it has dark blue tail wing. Crash photos show white painted tail. Regards, Dean

    1. Hi Dean, thanks for the info. I will have to investigate further, the sites I visited and a friend in Melbourne said KFN. Thank you reading my blog also I really appreciate it.

  2. Hi Dean, thanks for picking that up and for the information, I have found the correct rego and made the changes. Cheers

  3. Hi Brendon. I live under west circuit off runway 35L/17R and have gotten to know and recognise most training aircraft. I occasionally send in photos of aircraft to Planefinder. This accident is indeed sad. Regards, Dean