Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Brisbane - Sydney on Wifi 737

Today I had to head to Sydney for a few days and as usual my flight was leaving at 6am and boarding was suppose to be at 5.40. Like most nights when I travel the next morning I hardly sleep and since I was awake at 3.35am I decided to get up and get ready. I left home at 4am and arrived at the airport carpark at 4.36am. After clearing security, and knowing the Qantas club doesn't open until 5am,  I went up and got a few photos before hand. I only took my little Panasonic pocket camera with me this time.

QANTAS B737-838 VH-XZI (CN 39364)




My boss, the owner of the company, was heading off to our Melbourne office so I caught up with him and we had breakfast together. At 5.30 we made our way to our gates and when I got to gate 22 they had started boarding and I was among the last 20 to board. The aircraft for today was the usual B737-838 and the registration was VH-XZI (CN 39364).
I took my seat which was 26A and then I realized this was a Wi-Fi enabled aircraft. (excited much...) The last cabin door was closed at 5.56 and we pushed back right on 6am. At 6.04 we began to taxi and we headed north of the airport for a runway 19 departure. Arriving at the Alpha three holding point we continued out onto the runway and continued for a rolling start.
Getting airborne at 6.09 we made the usual bank left and then right and maintained that heading for some time as we climbed to flt lvl 360.

The early morning rain had cleared so the flight down was extremely smooth and comfortable. Having Wi-Fi not only let me follow my own aircraft on Flightradar24 https://www.flightradar24.com but it let me listen to it as well on LiveATC  https://www.liveatc.net/

As you can see our track took us south abeam Beaudesert and onto Glen Innes, passing to the east of Armidale we continued on flying near Muswellbrook. At Jerrys Plains we banked left and headed in land towards Sydney. Just north of Sydney we banked left again and headed out to sea, passing abeam the airport. About 15 track miles south we banked long and slow and set ourselves up for a 34L landing.

Touching down at 7.25am. We had a long taxi to the gate but along the way we had to hold for 7 minutes because our bay was occupied.

SINGAPORE A380-841 9V-SKH (CN 021)

DELTA B777-232 N707DN (CN 39091)

AIR INDIA B787-8 VT-ANY (CN 36296)

GARUDA A330-343 PK-GPR (CN 1446)

FED EX MD 11 N593FE (CN 48551)

QANTAS A380-842 VH-OQL (CN 074)

JAPAN AIR B787-9 JA861J (CN 35422)

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