Friday, 23 March 2018

Brisbane to Auckland - Business class

Today was a day I have been waiting for for about 5 months, when I heard Emirates was cancelling the Brisbane - Auckland sector in March I had to be on the last Emirates flight. So when I booked my flight over I made it for the day before so I could get some plane spotting done.
I have been on an A380 three times before now (1 Qantas and 2 Emirates) but I have never flown business class before. The flight was leaving at 8.10am and boarding was 7.50 so I arrived at the airport just after 6am anyway. After clearing the tight security and customs I made my way up to the Emirates lounge and had light breakfast of eggs benedict, chicken sausages and slow baked turkey rashes. From the lounge you could see the international aircraft at the gate while relaxing.

The aircraft for todays flight was A6-EEO (CN 136) this aircraft was delivered in June 2013)  We boarded right on 7.50am and I took my seat which was 9A on the upper deck, I no sooner sat down and I was offered a hot towel and asked if I would like a drink. At that hour of the morning I opted for an orange juice. Later the cabin crew asked I would be joining them for breakfast and I said yes, so they left me a menu.
We pushed back just after 8.20 and made our way to the full length of runway 19. Arriving at alpha one holding point we lined up but held for a mid field departure. The cabin crew were told to be seated for take off and the engines roared to life.. We started rolling at 8.43am and as we were fairly light on we got airborne pretty quick. We circled the city and practically flew back over the airport. As we made our way to flight level 410 we encountered some moderate turbulence.

Once the seat belt sign went off the cabin crew got up and the service began, and boy do they know how to look after you on Emirates. For my second breakfast I chose the Vanilla yoghurt with mango puree, coconut granola and pomegranate seeds, fresh fruit and a bum. The whole meal was incredible.

I also had a choice of two screens, a large fixed screen in front of me or a laptop next to me.  I chose to have them both on the aircraft. The large screen was on the camera from the tail and the laptop was on scrolling information about our flight. I also had my own little mini bar.

After breakfast and a glass of champagne I decided to go and have a look around the cabin and found a bar where I was offered another glass of champagne. It's rude to say no to someone who offers you a drink so I said yes....

We began our descent into Auckland at 1.55pm Auckland time, the weather was really bad and the descent was very bumpy. We landed on runway 05 at 2.35pm and taxied in for the gate.
I had an amazing experience and tomorrow I get to do it all again on the way home on the very last flight for EK out of AKL.

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