Monday, 6 November 2017

Melbourne to Brisbane Trip

After landing in Melbourne from Hobart at 11.20 I had two and a half hours on the ground as my next flight was boarding at 1.50pm. I went up to the Qantas club to have lunch first then I went and found a spot to do some spotting.

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EOK (CN 184)

CHINA SOUTHERN A330-323 B-5928 (CN 1430)

MALAYSIA A330-323 9M-MTO (CN 1489)

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VYD (CN 33992)

THAI A350-941 HS-THG (CN 130)

ROYAL BRUNEI B787-8 V8-DLC (CN 34789)


THAI A350-941 HS-THG (CN 130)

SINGAPORE B777-312 9V-SWY (CN 42238)

Happy with what I had I made my way to gate 4 where my flight was getting ready to board.
At 1.53pm we commenced boarding and I took my seat which was 4A, the aircraft for this trip was VH-XZO (CN 44577) this is the second time I have been on XZO, the last time was Brisbane - Sydney on the 26th April this year.
The last cabin door was closed at 2.07pm and we pushed back at 2.11, we taxied out for runway 16 at 2.15pm. Holding for about 30 seconds for a DC3 to land... yes that's correct a DC3,


We lined up and started rolling getting airborne at 2.20pm. Due to bad weather in the area we climbed very steeply and banked to the right, setting course for Brisbane. Flying to the west of Wangaratta we continued on flying over Wagga Wagga. We climbed to flt lvl 390 as we continued our way on to the Gold Coast. We commenced descent in to Brisbane at 3.48pm and landed on runway 01 at 4.17pm.

Since Queensland doesn't have daylight savings we had to put the time back one hour making our official landing time 3.17pm.

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