Thursday, 19 October 2017

Day Two of the Adelaide Conference

Today was a fun relaxing day for us as well went touring all day.
Our two buses picked us up at 8.45am and we drove to a winery called Wirra Wirra Winery at McLaren Vale, arriving there just before 10am. Once there we were welcomed by the staff and we were split into two groups, (by bus loads) and then taken into the winery for a tour and wine tasting. I love wine but I am a white wine drinker, but I must say some of the red's we had today were pretty amazing.

At 11.30 we were back on the bus for another hour trip up the road to Australia's oldest surviving German settlement called Hahndorf. We called into the Hahndorf Inn for lunch and we were greeted with a whip cracking, an accordion playing and dancers. Everyone was dress in the original costume and the dancing and bell playing was seriously amazing. When lunch was served it was pig on spit with apple sauce, potato salad, garden salad and traditional bread rolls all washed down with German beer.

After drinking German beer and filling up on amazing food, we had time for a quick around the town before it was time to board the bus.

Once on the bus it was only for a short 25 min ride to a lookout in Adelaide called Mt Lofty.

It was only a brief 20 minute stop as we had to be at Haigh's chocolate factory by 3pm.

After sampling the delicious hand made chocolates we were given a short factory tour.
Wasn't long before we were back on the bus heading back to our hotel in Glenelg but not before driving through the city of Adelaide.

We arrived back at our hotel and had 45 minutes to freshen up before boarding the bus again and heading off for Pre Dinner Drinks with what was supposed to be with the Panda's at Adelaide Zoo.

When we got there we were told the Panda's couldn't come out tonight so they showed us a Sumatran Tiger and a Orangutan along with some other animals like Owl's, a Quokka and a wallaby.

After drinks it was time to head inside for dinner.

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