Monday, 16 October 2017

Brisbane to Adelaide Flight

Today I found myself heading to the airport again but this time with a sense of excitement as I wasn't heading to Melbourne or Sydney, I was off to Adelaide. I have today and tomorrow off on annual leave and then I have to attend a conference from Wednesday - Saturday and I fly home Sunday afternoon.
My Qantas flight was leaving at a sensible hour of 8.25am but I got to the airport around 7am anyway and had a leisurely breakfast in the Qantas Club. Boarding was to be at 8.10 so around 7.40 I went for a walk around the airport to grad a few photos, I was very happy to finally see the Jetstar Scrabble.

JETSTAR A320-232 VH-VQH (CN 2766)


QANTAS B737-383 VH-VXI (CN 33479)

JETSTAR A320-232 VH-VQL (CN 2642)


QANTAS B737-383 VH-VXP (CN 33722)     MY RIDE OVER

MALINDO B737-8GP 9M-LNV (CN 39867)


We began boarding through gate 22 at 8.01 and I took my seat which was 5A; the aircraft for today was VH-VXP (CN 33722). I have been on VXP three times now, 23rd May 17 Brisbane - Sydney; 24th August 17 Brisbane - Melbourne.
The last cabin door was closed at 8.18 am and we pushed back at 8.21am; at 8.25 we commenced taxiing for runway 19 holding short at the Alpha 3 holding point for a China Southern A330. We taxied out for a rolling start getting airborne at 8.35am. As it was raining heavily I expected a bumpy climb out, we did the normal left and right bank on departure and tracked down to Laravale.  As we climbed to 360 we continued on to Narrabri and Mildura and then on to Adelaide. The flying time was 2 hours 07 minutes.

The flight across Australia was very smooth and comfortable. We began our descent into Adelaide at 10.20am and we landed on runway 15 at 10.42am Adelaide time. Adelaide is usually 30 minutes behind the eastern states but due to daylight savings we had to put the time forward 30 minutes making our official landing time of 11.12am

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