Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sydney - Wellcamp Trip

Well after spending a few very busy days here I am not sorry to be leaving.
The weather here has been horrible, even though the sky's have been clear and sunny the wind chill has been horrific.
My flight back to Wellcamp (Brisbane West) was due to leave at 5.20pm and boarding was at 5pm.
I decided to head off to the airport a bit early so I can get in a bit of spotting in before my flight.

QANTAS A380-841 VH-OQA (CN 014)

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VXQ (CN 33723)


UPS MD 11 N257UP (CN 484510

AIR CHINA A330-243 B-6081 (CN 839)


FEDEX MD 11 N582FE (CN 48420)


                AIR NEW ZEALAND A320-232 ZK-OJI (CN 2297)

After checking in and clearing security I made my way up to the Qantas museum to get the landing QATAR A380.

QANTAS A380-841 VH-OQK (CN 063)

EMIRATES A380-861 A6-EET (CN 142)

QATAR A380-861 A7-APE (CN 181)

AIR CHINA A330-243 B-6081 (CN 839)

QANTAS B747-438 VH-OEI (CN 32913)

Around 4.50pm I went down to gate 17 but noticed there was no aircraft there yet, so I knew we were going to be late getting away. Due to the severe winds Sydney was down to one runway ops so aircraft were holding for some time before being able to land. Our aircraft got to the gate at 5.13pm.
We finally started boarding 40 minutes late at 5.40pm
The aircraft was a Dash 8 Q400 and the registration was VH-QOF (CN 4128) this is the first time i have been on this aircraft since i started recording registrations.
I took my seat which was 12D and to my surprise the flight was three quarter full.
The cabin door was closed at 5.52pm and we started engines at 5.53. We began taxiing at 5.58pm and taxiied out to runway 25. We held short for short time and then lined up, getting airborne at 6.04pm.

Our cruising altitude for tonights flight was 240 and the ride was very smooth and really comfortable.
Our track took us north over the city and up over Armidale and west of Glen Innes, then on to Wellcamp.
We began our descent at 6.52pm and landed at Wellcamp on runway 30 at 7.16pm.

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